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                Shenzhen xinxionghui electronic co.,ltd was established in the spring, is a specialized in designing, developing the wood, plastic products of the principal products are high, low frequency voltage transformer the skeleton and framework smd  and related products. but by design, development of high quality and the wood plastic mould, mainly used for electrical products, computer and internet communication and other high-tech sector.
                       Company now owns more automatic the wood cutter, automatic, plastic plant pin, a worn bed, and
                milling machines, the machine and cnc equipment, have solid bobbin, smd die design, development,
                also set up more than 10 years in the core technology and high quality of the team.
                        After the company all the members of the efforts and 2009 is09001 :  2000 had passed the quality
                system authentication and is014000 : 2004 environmental management certification system, all goods
                imported without a system of environmental protection product, to guarantee 100%, you meet pohs in
                plastic products best choice of supplier.
                   The spirit of the customers satisfaction, quality first, honest, pragmatic and the lasting
                development of a comprehensive products and management and all staff participates, and continuously
                improve the quality of the goals and actively participates in a world famous large enterprises to improve
                cooperation between the market competitiveness of products for every customer with excellent
                       Company to pay the tax, value-added tax invoices % of 17, has the right to taiwan, Hongkong as
                close to the facto ry. a  lette r, am bitions, create brilliant ca reer!

                公司名称: 东莞市鑫品辉(信辉科技)电子有限公司 公司类型: 企业单位 (制造商)
                所 在 地: 广东/东莞市 公司规模:
                注册资本: 50万人民币 注册年份: 2010
                保 证 金: 已缴纳 0.00
                经营模式: 制造商
                经营范围: 生产、加工、销售:电子元器件、五金制品、五金模具;销售:?#26893;模?#36135;物进出口(法律、行政法规规定禁止的项目除外;法律、行政法规规定限?#39057;?#39033;目须取得许可后方可经营)。(依法须经批准的项目,经相关部门批准后方可开展经营活动)〓
                销售的产品: 高频变压器骨架|BASE|CASE|SMD贴片骨架及相关产品
                电子材料 / 变压器骨架 / 高频系列 电子材料 / 变压器骨架 / SMD系列 电子材料 / 变压器骨架 / 磁环类
                电子材料 / 变压器骨架 / 磁壳类
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